T h e   S c h o o l

We are proud and very happy

that we could enroll all Students to a new school:

Bramha Kunja

 The classrooms are smaller (not more than 30 kids) the windows have actually glass and the food is prepared in a hygienic way. They now can eat in a room, instead of outside.

Most kids can now walk to school instead of taking the bus on the dusty road.

Most importantly, the school focuses on each individual student. A different learning technique has been implemented, so that the kids actually have fun learning.

The school meets the parents on a regular basis and includes them in their studies, give them updates of how they are doing and assist with help if one or the other needs more attention in achieving the scores. 3 times a year there will be a test before the main exam at the end of the school year. (Each individual sponsor will receive a copy of the results.)

The Students singing the the National Anthem

The Principal addressing the Students on first day of school